Five Steps to a
More Resilient
Dental Practice

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Inside: The actions you need to take to ensure your dental practice can survive and thrive in the face of unexpected challenges

With dental spending projected to decline by 20%, there are going to be tough times ahead.
Is your practice ready to handle whatever happens next?

In this special report, we share experiences and tips from dentists, practice managers, and leading dental consultants who adapted quickly and reinvented their practices during last year’s crisis and bounced back stronger than ever. Find inspiration in how they transformed their teams, systems, technology, and patient experience, and apply these key learnings to create a more resilient practice.

Gain valuable insight from your industry peers

We interviewed office managers, dentists, and leading dental consultants from top-performing practices to bring you their secrets to finding success during challenging times.

Tips and tools to employ for a more resilient practice

Get proven, ready-to-use ideas that will give you new ways to fill the schedule and keep the office running smoothly.

10 simple ways to
reduce stress and
boost efficiency

What you can do to create a better experience for your patients, your team, and yourself, even during tough times.

The practices that made the shift the fastest were the ones that were able to say, ‘OK, take a deep breath and let’s look at where we are and realize we’re not a product of our circumstances, we’re a product of our decisions.’

— Ginny Hegarty, President, Dental Practice Development, Inc.

Five Steps to a More Resilient Practice