The Fall Gap Research Report

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Inside: Fresh Insights on the Biggest Post-Shutdown Danger for Dental Practices Like Yours

Although your practice may feel like it’s busy and getting back to normal after the big shutdown period last spring, you may have a potentially disastrous problem with your fall schedules.

In this brand new research report from RevenueWell, you’ll get valuable insights about the Fall Gap phenomenon as well as useful advice for how to protect your practice.

The Scheduling Snafus

Almost half (46%) of practices are still working through them.

The Productivity Problem

1 in 5 practices will have massive fall bottlenecks.

The Completely Irrational Optimism

Nearly 9 in 10 practices overestimate their returning patient loads.

The Useful Action Plan

Get started on fixing the problem.

While we see the possibility for disaster in the coming weeks, enough time remains to set things straight.
Research Report

The Fall Gap: The Unexpected Impacts of COVID-19 and How to Plan for Them.