Recall Made Easy Guide

Hey there!

Let's talk about recall for a second.

It, uh, how can we put this ... it can be a chore. We love our patients, but constantly working to get them into the office takes up some serious time. It's often a job in itself!

That's where we come in! By integrating with your PMS, RevenueWell reads patients' recall dates and automatically connects everyone who doesn't have an appointment on the book. 

With recall made easy through RevenueWell, you will:

  • Automate your existing recall process
  • Reach 100% (!!!) of your patients
  • Reactivate severely overdue patients
  • Save yourself a TON of time each week

At RevenueWell we find a daily joy in connecting dental practices with their wonderful patients. That's why it's our mission to make recall easier than ever, and get folks back in so you can keep them smiling and healthy!